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PCC coated Metal Security Window Screen

Material: PCC coated steel wire
Color: black, grey, white, original color or as required
Mesh Size (meshes) and Wire Diameter (mm):11*0.8, 12*0.7, 14*0.6, 14*0.55 and 14*0.5
Size of the Window Screen:1500mm*3000mm, 1300mm*2600mm; 1200mm*2000mm; 1200mm*2400mm; 1000*2400mm; 900mm*2000mm; 900mm*2400mm; 750mm*2000mm; 750mm*2400mm
Packing: Plastic film and wooden case.
Compare with the common stainless steel window screen, we can find:
1. PCC coating metal window screen is woven by PCC coated wire, the hole of the mesh is uniform, with perfect transmittance, and the connection point also have PCC layer.
2. Common stainless steel window screen is make the power layer by electrostatic spraying, after coating, the mesh is not uniform, with poor transmittance, it will influence the light in the room.
3. The common stainless steel window screen is woven first then coating the powder, so there’s no coating at connection point, the mesh will be rusted easily in coastal areas. Besides, if there’s oil stick to the mesh during weaving, then coating will be easy to fall off.
4. Because of electrostatic spraying, the common stainless steel screen will be easy to adsorb the dust in the air, it’s hard to clean. But our PCC coating metal screen will not have this kind of problem.
5. PCC coated metal window screen is more anti corrosion, high temperature resistance and have much longer working life than common stainless steel window screen.


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